Saturday, November 21, 2009


Teddy is much, much, MUCH better! Thanks for all the well wishes. Now he is mostly bored because he's not allowed to do any full-contact play (or much of anything that is too lively).

Things I Have Removed From Dakota's Mouth This Morning:
- a rock
- a bolt clip
- a small ziploc baggie, empty
- another small rock
- a cable tie (zip tie)
- a dirt clod
- a leather leash
- a sock
- toy stuffing. She didn't pull it out, she's really not destructive with her toys. I think her Uncle Teddy pulled it out for her - he is DEATH on toys!!

I have no idea where she found most of this stuff. Well, she brought the rocks and the dirt in from outdoors, she ran into the closet to get the sock when I went in the bedroom for something, and pulled the leash off the dining room table... but I don't know where she found the other things.

Maybe I should just sit here and let her de-clutter my house for me!! She seems to be very good at finding stray items!

I just heard a *thump*, and she's come trotting very self-importantly into the den. Gotta go see what she's found NOW.

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