Thursday, April 29, 2010


Correction... Teddy finished his Novice FAST title last weekend, not his Standard title.

Which is still great - the FAST class in AKC agility requires the dog to complete some obstacles at a distance from the handler. Which is difficult for an inexperienced dog!

Way to go, Teddy! (And Ronnie too!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

More Agility News!

Last weekend in Wichita Falls, Teddy finished his Novice Standard title! He finished his Novice Jumpers title a few months ago, and has 2 legs toward his Novice FAST title, so we are very pleased with his progress!

And his mom Kinsey (8 years young, thankyouverymuch) got 2 legs toward her Open FAST title!

Ronnie handled them both - way to go!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Only her hairdresser knows for sure...

More Show Biz news!

Not the dog-show-type "biz", but the "Lights - Camera - Action!" type biz. Kinsey was tapped to star in another commercial! The kicker was they needed a fawn Great Dane small enough to fit into the front bucket seat of a car - which leaves Teddy right out - but they wanted one with a black mask.

Which 8 year old Kinsey is lacking these days:

So with some mild hair dye, black chalk and lots and lots of mascara around her eyes, this was the final result:

I know it looks fake - and yes, I absolutely DO prefer her lovely grey face. But it won't harm Kinsey at all, and it worked for the commercial which was a LOT of fun. It was pretty easy - she had to sit in the car a lot but it was a nice cool day and the takes were short. There was one scene where she had to jump out of the car and run off camera, and she had to bark on cue. Which is her very, very favorite trick!

It was great fun, and I'll post a video here as soon as I can get one.

But I'll be glad when all the dye wears off and she's back to her naturally beautiful face!