Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! I'm Tagged!

Happy 2009, everybody!

And to start the year off with something fun, I've been tagged by Never Say Never Greyhounds (which is a wonderful blog by an awesome woman who competes at the highest levels in obedience and agility with her Greyhounds) to find the sixth picture in the sixth album of my picture folders and post it. Then tag six other blogs after explaining what is in the picture.

So here's the sixth picture from the sixth photo album:

How appropriate is that? And what are the odds that it would be a photo of... say, a Great Dane?? :-)

This is Topper, and was taken last summer. We were doing a lot of remodeling, hence the painter's tape on the window and the missing wall panel. Actually that panel was pulled to experiment with stain since we had to replace about 8 of those boards and then try to match the old with the new.

I do love this photo - complete with all the upside-down snarly goodness!

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