Thursday, July 31, 2008

Runs in the family

I'm going to try to get some updates done while I can... our new laptop will have to go to the Computer Doctor in a few days but for once it's not the machine's fault... the poor laptop got stepped on! The screen is cracked but the computer still works, so for now the laptop is a desktop - hooked up to a monitor.
But I do have pictures! First off, some big news... Teddy finished his AKC Championship weekend before last. Once he got going, he won every weekend we had him out in June/July and finished in a hurry! There is a photo collage taken by Jax Show Pix (new venture started by the son of a friend of ours) on the "2008 Updates" page of the web site.

But Teddy also has some non-show news... last spring he was selected to do a photo for JCPenney! His mother and brother have both done some commercial work, hence the title of this entry. I think it was just a sale circular but we still had fun, and Teddy was sooooo good! Even though it was a VERY long day - the first model called in sick that morning and the second model they found couldn't come until afternoon. So we just hung around until he showed up and watched the set decorators and photographer and director and all do their thing. But since it was at a house in a very swanky part of Dallas it wasn't too rough! At one point I put Teddy up on the porch where he'd have to be for the photo just to get him used to it, and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of him:
He got lots of attention:

He was very calm...

Even when the crew members were moving big screens all around him (I was about 15 feet away all this time):

He did perk up when some of the crew started playing basketball on the private court - but he still stayed! I love this picture: