Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Catching up

Our computer committed suicide a few weeks ago, and although I did find that without it I was:
1. getting to bed WAY earlier
2. getting more done around the house! (not that you can really tell, but I so WAS!)
But I really missed it! So here's the news you missed:
May 14, 2006:
At just her third show, Topper won Winners Bitch/Best Of Winners for her first point!! Now she's REALLY going to be full of herself!!
May 23:
Her mom Kinsey filmed a commercial for a local (North central Texas) car dealership - they have had Danes as their mascots for many, many years. She did one for this same company last year but this one is more involved. She had to hold a football (partly deflated so she could hang on to it), a baseball, a baseball bat, a hockey stick, a referee's whistle, and a hockey puck in her mouth (the hockey puck was hilarious - you couldn't even see it in her mouth until she spit it out!!). She had to pose with one paw on a football, a soccer ball, and a basketball - tricky since they tended to roll. She had to push a soccer ball around with her nose. She had to jump up like she was shooting a basket, spin around, gallop all over a green set which wasn't very large, wear a referee's shirt and a goalie's helmet!! And of course, do the trademark mascot bark. She was really, really good!
And now she's going to be even MORE full of herself than her daughter... when it comes to being a Princess Kinsey is an expert. Of course, I don't mind living with a celebrity but it can be rather taxing... all this fetching & carrying and fluffing her pillows and rubbing her feet and feeding her bon-bons (you know how HARD it is to find bon-bons this time of year!!??) is very tiring!!