Monday, November 16, 2009

Dakota 14 weeks

These photos were taken the end of October/beginning November.

First, she is on a completely raw diet now. Even though she's getting bigger she's still got those little (and sharp!) baby teeth, so she just gets small RMBs like chicken wings. And boy does she like them!!
Crunch, crunch, crunch

Things seemed to be happening quickly that week - she hit a few small milestones at the same time:

I got into this chair all by myself...

...But I still can't quite get on the couch!

The next day after I took the picture above, I saw that she wasn't able to fit through the gap in the kitchen baby gate - at least not without a LOT of wiggling!

What the... This gate seems to have shrunk!

But there were compensations... that same evening she achieved her goal!

Taaaa-daaaa!! Finally, I made it up on the couch!
Now put that damn camera away and let me sleep.

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