Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dakota 10 - 12 weeks

One of her first goals was to get on the couch. Here she is at 10 weeks, still can't quite make it:

A little help here, maybe?

However, there were compensations for being small. We have a baby gate across our kitchen door which has a gap to allow our little dog Sport to pass through. I had a lot of trouble keeping fresh water out for him otherwise - there is apparently nothing a Dane likes better than drinking water out of a tiny bowl! So his water is in the kitchen where only he has access to it. Until Dakota came along, that is... She's about 12 weeks old here.
La la la, I can go in, and I can come out...

One day in mid October we had a repairman out for our AC (here in Texas it is still warm in October!) I put up a baby gate - can NOT live without baby gates!! - otherwise the dogs would all be sticking their heads in the middle of whatever the repairman was trying to do. Some of us have learned to do things - like tying shoes!! - with one or more big Dane noses in the way, but not everyone has developed those skills. After talking to the repairman, I walked back toward the den to check on the dogs - this is what I saw:

Later I found Dakota trying to escape:
Just.... a.....little....farther

Finally, THIS is a very typical picture - I've learned to keep the camera strap out of the way:


jan said...

They look like they're set to do a barbershop quartet number. At least there are some who could sing bass.

Deb Bode said...

You should have called Andy to come check out your a/c--not only can he tie his shoes with dogs or kids pulling at him but it would have been a whole lot cheaper for a BFF!

Barb said...

You're right Jan! I never thought of that.

And thanks Deb - we may give Andy a call next time!