Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Casa Symmetry getting a facelift - Part II

Things are continuing to progress around here... or degress, (is that even a word?? I'm not sure). I haven't posted any more pics because we've emptied out the office and only have one computer (the one Ronnie uses for work) hooked up and all my pics are on the other hard drive. Or still on the camera, but I don't want to put them on Ronnie's work machine. AND it just took me forever to log onto Blogger for some reason...

But they've about finished painting the hall and both bedrooms - there is some touch up that will be done after the floors are done. They'll start on the floors tomorrow... NO MORE CARPET Hoooooorrrrraaaaayyyyyy!!

There was an unbelievable amount of CRAP in the middle bedroom/office!! The dining room (where I'm typing this now) and the living room are completely full of the stuff we cleared out of there! The only thing still in our bedroom is our bed, we'll take that out early tomorrow morning before the flooring guys come and I have no idea where we'll put it. We've already got some clothes hanging out on the deck, perhaps we'll complete the white trash effect by putting the bed out there!! LOL
They're also starting on the windows - they tore out the big front windows and the big ones in the den today, and put up plywood for the night. High living, indeed!! But don't worry, I'm taking pics of EVERYTHING... It's absolutely horrible right now, but it sure will be nice when it's done!!
I gotta say... if I was going to go through something like this with anyone, I'm sure glad it's Ronnie!! He's been so wonderful, easy going and just nice to be around with all this. Now if I can just get him to get rid of some of his stuff... But I did hear him say that he liked the way the rooms look empty, and wants to get a more clean or spare look. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll remember that, and clear some s*** outta here!!

I'm going to stay with our friend Karen for a few days while they finish the bedroom floors - and am taking two of the girls with me. Teddy will go to stay at his brother Buck's house for a few days - this will make things a lot easier at home, with just Aeryn and little Sport and Ronnie. They'll be pretty cramped for space since they won't be able to get into either bedroom at all while the stain and sealant are drying.

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