Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Casa Symmetry getting a facelift - Part I

I may (or may not) have mentioned this before, but we are doing some much-needed repairs on the ol' homestead. We've got a good contractor and things are rolling along pretty smoothly but, as anyone who has gone through this knows, it's still been an upheaval. And part of my excuse for still not posting as often as I'd like to. (The other part being that I'm lazy but the "too busy because of all the home repair" thing sounds SO much better, doncha think??)

We're in Week 4 or 5 now - I've sort of lost track. So far, we've had the foundation repaired but I didn't get any pictures of that. BUT - taaaaaa daaaaaaa - I have downloaded the pics from our new camera! So have lots and lots of catching up photos to do, and I assure you most of them are of the dogs. But we'll stick to one topic for now (HA) and I'll show you some of the changes around here so far (WARNING this will probably be really really boring for those of you who don't actually know us, or haven't been to our house before):

We've got a tiny little garage, but knowing that we'd have to be storing some furniture in there for a few weeks, the first step was to clean it out!! Very Spring Cleaning-esque, I think.
It is just amazing how much crap you can get into a "tiny" garage! And I was able to park my car in there, too!! Sort of... it looked a bit like those Public Storage commercials where the car is shoehorned in amongst the "stuff".

And LOOK!! It's EMPTY!! Remember this, as you'll see soon this only lasted a few days. Can't park in there now! But as God is my witness, I'll park inside my garage again one day!

After the foundation work, they painted the exterior and we got a new garage door!!

And it IS exciting, when you consider what our old garage door looked like:

Meanwhile, we had scheduled repairs to the wall in our den. There was some old water damage from several years ago but the contractor we had at that time was an idiot and the work never got done. We thought it would be a fairly minor repair, just replacing a few of the panels...

WARNING - the following images may be disturbing to sensitive viewers!

Here's what they found when they started pulling the panels off the wall:

The damage went straight down into the floor - good thing we were planning to replace the flooring anyway!
But by the next day the cleanup was finished, the floor was patched:
And the new boards were going up - they did a great job matching wood panels that are probably 25 years old. Once they're stained no one will ever know the difference! Well, except for ya'll!

More to come....

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