Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Explain this to me...

... How can I be having "empty nest syndrome" when I've still got 4 Danes in the house?? My friends S. and J. are keeping Hunter - and I'm delighted! Really - they've had Danes for years and understand what life with a Giant breed of dog is all about. He will be pampered and adored for his entire life and - best of all! - I'll get to see him anytime I want and we'll be showing him. S. and J. really aren't interested in showing but they know that it's great socialization and basic training for the dog so are perfectly willing to let us show him whenever we want. Which is also nice since he's a really pretty puppy and really enjoys handling class and I think will enjoy shows too.

But I was just going through their baby pictures so I could give her a few of them, and it pinches my heart. This is the first litter we've ever bred and although I thoroughly enjoyed it, it's been kind of heartbreaking too. And I was REALLY lucky!! All the pups survived, and are hale and hearty and the 3 we placed are happy in their new homes. I'm just a wuss I guess.

I've actually handled it quite well I think. On the whole. Although a few months ago I was at a training seminar and this was just a day or two after the first two pups went to their new homes. I did fine - no tears, just happy that the pups had such terrific new homes.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend of mine at the seminar and she asked about the pups. And I had a small meltdown right there - "I miss them! blubber, blubber" As she was backing slowly away I realized this wasn't the most appropriate response. Sorry!

I mean, I'm the one who thought I had post-partum depression after the litter was first born. It's just hopeless, I guess.

Don't mean to be a downer!

Look! Cute puppy pics!! These were taken when they were 9 days old.

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Tracy said...

Oh! Adorable! Especially that last one.

Sorry to hear about the post-puppy depression. You're a wonderful dog mom.

I had a close call today. Allie shirked our usual morning routine and jumped out (or climbed out, pole-vaulted out, still not sure) of the pasture. Usually it doesn't take long to get a phone call, about her, since she's such a tart she sidles up to the first workman she sees. (There are two McMansions going up on our street right now, so I figured that was most likely the attraction.) Hours went by, and nothing. I had a terrible feeling someone had taken her. Finally Peggy called a very depressed me at work, saying her mother in law had reported "a strange dog" in her back two acres, to which Peggy responded by returning Allie to our house. She's "a strange dog" alright!