Sunday, September 20, 2009

More puppy pics

... or maybe not! Blogger isn't letting me upload more photos right now. More to come soon!

In the meantime, let me just say that Dakota is a hoot! We are having a great time with her, and she is such a good puppy!

The other dogs aren't quite so enthusiastic however. Aeryn likes her the best, but since Aeryn has some balance issues we have to be careful she doesn't step on or fall on the puppy.

Kinsey, Topper and little Sport are tolerant but avoid her as much as possible. ZB (the cat) was absolutely appalled at first but has now realized that Dakota will back off when she hisses and raises her paw ready to smack.

And Teddy? Big ol, 150-pounds-of-solid-muscle Teddy?

He was scared of her!!

Not a total shocker there, actually ZB has him buffaloed and regularly chases him around the house. He is calming down about Dakota, getting better every day and even made some play moves yesterday but he plays rough so he won't be allowed real access to her until she's quite a bit older and bigger.

But a funny story - a few days ago the puppy was outside and I wanted to bring her back in. Teddy was in the den, just on the other side of the patio door and rather than try to get him out or sneak her past him, I just put him in the crate by the door where she has been sleeping.

He's been in this crate literally thousands of times - it's where he stayed when he was little, and we have kept it up since he (or one of the other dogs) often likes to go in it to nap.

So I expected him to go in and lie down like he always does.

He went in just fine, but stood there. In a few minutes I noticed and looked to see what was wrong. The bedding was clean, there wasn't anything in the way but he was now plastered against the side of the crate, still standing and looking very, very sad.

Then I realized what it was:

Puppy Cooties!!

He didn't want to lie on the bed that smelled like the puppy!!

Sorry to say this Teddy boy... but you are a wuss!!


jan said...

Looking forward to pictures. Hope Blogger cooperates.

Barb said...

Thanks Jan!