Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well of course we got one of the "grandpuppies" - how could we not?

I've been a very regular visitor since they were born. I've taken tons of pictures, but haven't been good about keeping up with the blog here.

So let's have some puppy pictures, shall we?

Here is one of the brindle boys at 14 days.

The two fawn girls, 14 days.

I LOVE this picture... this is not their mother, but their Grandma Cami!! She sneaked into the box when their mama Jazz was taking a break! The best thing of all? Both Cami and Jazz are so mellow that there was no fighting, no jealousy, no stress - they both enjoyed taking care of the puppies. That is HUGE - with most mother dogs, if any other dog (even her mother or some other dog she knew very well) came near the pups there would be bloodshed. Or, sometimes another female will try to steal puppies from a nursing mother - that can also lead to serious fighting.

This is our little girl, 21 days old and just getting a hang of this walking business.

24 days old, and you can see how much more confident they are on their feet in just a few days. This is one of the brindle boys on the right, with a fawn girl in the foreground left and Dakota in the background left.


Kate said...


Are they still little or are they now aged 6 weeks like Dakota in your last post? I'm coming home next weekend and I totally wanna play with some puppieeeesss!!!!

Barb said...

They are 8 and a half weeks old now!! How time flies! Please do come on over - they weren't here, the litter belongs to a friend of ours but Dakota is here and she LOOVES company!! :-)

Come Saturday if you can, we may be gone on Sunday. Email me!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I love that Cami picture too! :-)

Barb said...

That was so funny - Vicki's husband looked in on the pups one day, did a double take and then called Vicki to look... That's not their mother!! :-)