Thursday, September 04, 2008

Teddy the cuddly

Ronnie just mentioned that he might have trouble getting to sleep tonight. I hadn't gone to bed yet so looked in the bedroom to see what he was talking about. Teddy is curled up next to him, with his head on Ronnie's arm. I mean, curled up CLOSE so if Ronnie moves or rolls over he'll probably fall out of bed. It's very touching (no pun intended) but uncomfortable.

But that's the way a lot of Danes are - they really, REALLY like to be near their people. That doesn't necessarily mean they have to sleep in your bed - in fact, I'll cold heartedly make Teddy get off the bed when I go in there. (I'm such a bitch!)

But they DO need to feel that they're part of the family. If you've ever tried to buy a Dane puppy from a reputable breeder, or tried to adopt one from a reputable Rescue and wondered "why am I getting the third degree here?" - that's why. They know what it takes to keep a Dane healthy and happy, and go to great lengths to be sure that they get put with families who will not only love the dog, but really spend a lot of time with it.

A lonely Dane is a neurotic Dane!


Erin said...

This is SO TRUE! Jack, my husband, and I have been at work all day. Jack comes home to let Luke out during lunch, but I cannot come home (being a teacher). So, I came home tonight and Luke was SO HAPPY! I took him for a walk, loved on him a bit, and now he is a happy camper.

God, I love this breed! And no, you're not a bitch...Luke doesn't sleep in our bed, either! I like my space too much!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Brother Gus is too busy chasing the cat off the bed and having his place taken over by step-brother Gabe to curl up. And his floor bed taken over by step-brother Gabe... I see a pattern. So, Barb, tell Ronnie that I'll send Gabe over to move Teddy on out, and Gabe is MUCH smaller.

Barb said...

HA!! Tell Gabe "Good luck with that"... you need a forklift to pry Teddy out of bed. More likely, Gabe would just take MY spot, which I don't see as much of an improvement... :-)

Abz-Chelsea said...

My Chelsea just thinks my beds her bed, we had a paw on the floor rule but somehow that went out the window.