Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Great Dane Fun Day!

I know I don't have very many readers here, and you all are scattered all over the country. But - for anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, here is an announcement for a Great Dane Fun Day this Sunday, sponsored by the Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas:
You (and your Dane!) are invited to a Great Dane Fun Day! It is this Sunday, at Bob Woodruff park in Plano. This is not only an opportunity to get out with your dog or puppy and have a fun day, but also you'll have a chance to find out about and try out various fun events with your dog!

We'll have information about all sorts of Dane topics and health issues; demonstrations and run throughs for all levels of Obedience; demonstrations and practice for Rally obedience; a CGC test; a conformation handling seminar; a conformation match; a great Raffle of Dane-related items; and last but not least GREAT FOOD!!

**Your Dane does NOT have to be registered to participate!**

The flyer info is copied below - feel free to print it out and distribute it if you wish. Please feel free to cross post this message to anyone interested in Great Danes.

We hope to see you all there!! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Great Dane Fun Day

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sponsored by the Great Dane Club of Greater Dallas

Are you interested in learning about fun activities and events you can enjoy with your Dane? Do you have a puppy that you want to socialize? Or do you just want to come out with your Dane, meet other Dane lovers and their dogs, and have a GREAT Dane Day!!

We are having:

- An Obedience Demo and Show & Go
- A Rally Obedience Demo & Practice
- A Canine Good Citizen Test (For the CGC only, dogs must be 6 months old, and must have proof of Rabies vaccination.)
- A Handling seminar by Steve Arnold
- A Sanctioned B AKC Conformation Match (Great Danes Only)
- A Pot Luck Picnic following the Match
- A RAFFLE with Dane-appropriate gifts!!

Community Park Bob Woodruff Park
2601 San Gabriel Drive
Plano TX, 75074
Directions to the Fun Day TX 75 to E Parker Rd (east)
South (right) on San Gabriel to Park

Conformation Match entries: $5.00 (entries taken day of Match. Match starts at 11:00)

CGC Test: $5.00 (must have current Rabies vaccination certificate with you day of test, and the dog must be at least 6 months old)

Come and enjoy all the Great Dane Activities!!!


Anonymous said...

I so envy you being able to mix it with other Danes, Im afraid Chels is still an oddity in our town..hope you have a brilliant day...

Barb said...

Thanks for the comments! Yes, we are lucky here to have a lot of Danes. Even in performance events like obedience and agility, we're not the only ones any more! :-) Of course, the down side to having a lot of Danes is there are a lot of people breeding them who have no business doing so, and selling pups to people who have no business owning a Dane. So we have a lot of homeless Danes in rescue, too :-(

Erin said...

Oh wow! We just went to a similar event a few months ago in Seattle. We used to live not too far from Plano. :) Too bad we didn't meet up then!

Abz & Chels said...

Your so right Barb, only the other day I was talking to a dog groomer, we had both see Dane x's in the big pet store in town. Even at my work place their were people (usually men) who were horrified that I desexed my girls.

They couldnt get around the concept I wanted 2 pets for company... No amount of arguing could get them away from the fact I was loosing money by not having pups WTF! one even told me its best to breed with a mastiff for a bigger heavier dog that brings in more money!!

So Im afraid there are still people out there that see dog breeding (any breed) as a money making exersise...

Im doing my best in a small way to educate (without ripping heads off..lol)

Barb said...

That's all we can do, Abz... educate, educate, educate. Then when you get home and have stopped banging your head against the wall, have a margarita or other soothing beverage of your choice :-)
You've given me a good idea for another post, so thank you!