Friday, November 16, 2007

Great Danes, Retrievers, and Babies - Oh, My!

Just got back from a wonderful trip to Pennsylvania to visit Chantel & Stacey, our longtime friends. They used to live just down the street from us, but moved to PA last January. We've missed them terribly... they're not only terrific people, but we have so many interests in common. Primarily, of course, Great Danes and showing dogs. They used to come over to visit with their dogs all the time as I described in this post and this one.

But I finally got a chance to go visit them in their new digs, and best of all FINALLY got to meet their newest family member, a beautiful little girl born last spring!

Now, I am not a "baby" person. Meaning, I'm not one of those women who coos over every baby she sees, and I've never had any desire to have one of my own. But this little girl had me charmed from the start - she's just as friendly as her parents, and they've obviously done a great job of socializing her (hahaha) because she's really game for anything.
Here are a few pics of me with this little two-legged pup, and her four-legged family members:

Their Dane, Tiger, really likes her, and seems to see himself as her guardian. He likes to be nearby wherever she is. The Flat Coat Retriever, Oakley, is her buddy and they absolutely love each other. The Golden, Jack, thinks it's all a lot of nonsense PLUS he doesn't really like having his picture taken so he's practically rolling his eyes in all the photos.
We had a lovely time - Pennsylvania is a gorgeous state and we did some sightseeing. We went to the Lehigh Valley Zoo of which Stacey is the Executive Director ... it's a small but lovely zoo, and if you're in the area I highly recommend it. We went into Philly for some sightseeing too - I'll post more about that next.

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