Monday, October 01, 2007

Spots Before My Eyes

This weekend we had a visitor of a different stripe... er, spot. Thatcher, a lovely 9 month old Harlequin boy who belongs to a friend of ours, came to spend a few days for some general socialization and a little extra training to prepare for his first show in another couple of weeks.

Now, don't think that Thatcher isn't already well socialized - he is! But it's a very good idea for puppies to occasionally spend a night or two away from home. Even if you never plan on showing your dog, this will make any future trips to a vet or boarding kennel MUCH less stressful. Dogs are pack animals and will always be most comfortable and most happy at home - but they do need to learn that they will still be safe and loved and OK in other places, and with other people.

Everyone enjoying their bully sticks

Note that the other dogs have moved around, but not Thatcher!

This photo cracks me up - that's a bully stick sticking out of the side of his mouth!
What a cutie!

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-R- said...

Aw, he looks like a reindeer in the last picture!