Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brindle snobs

Have you ever noticed that dogs that look alike, tend to want to hang out together? For example, if you're out with your dog and you meet another dog of the same breed, your dog is likely to be more attracted to that dog than to a dog of another breed. This holds true (in my experience at least) even if you don't have other dogs of that same breed at home. Which has always made me wonder, how do they know? I mean, it's not like they spend a lot of time looking at themselves in the mirror.
With our crew, it goes beyond that into - I'm ashamed to admit - color prejudice. When Gus or Buck (both are fawn colored) are here they play with Teddy all the time:
But when Keeper is here, after a while he and Topper start playing together (they're both brindle) and they leave poor Teddy to his own devices:
Teddy wants to play with them...

"Look guys, I've got a big ball!"

Poor Ted gives up - you can see him behind Keeper chewing on a bully stick.

Leaving Topper and Keeper to play to their hearts' content!


Great Dane Addict said...

"I mean, it's not like they spend a lot of time looking at themselves in the mirror."

Maybe you just don't have mirrors in the right place.

Diesel seems pretty vain. I see him checking himself out in mirrors all the time. Or window. Or his reflection on the side of the car. Really, I think he likes himself TOO much.


Barb said...

Well, he IS a very good-lookin' boy! But that's funny - I've never had a dog who seemed to make a point of looking at him/herself in a mirror.