Monday, February 02, 2009

Brotherly love

I'm finally getting around to downloading and organizing some photos and found this one of Buck (littermate to our Teddy and Topper) and his little "brother" Doc at our house last fall. Buck's owners are the GREATEST and they rarely travel anywhere that they can't take their dogs - but when they do we get to babysit :-) Fortunately all the dogs get along very well - they really are a mellow bunch for all the trouble they seem to be able to get into!

Doc was probably about 4 months old here... he's a LOT bigger now but still awfully cute! :-)


Erin said...

Oh they are so PRECIOUS! I just love me a great dane! :) Luke is sacked out by the fire place right now.

Fred said...

Great photo. Making me very sleepy. It's funny how Doc's ears look bigger than Buck's even though he's only a third(?) the size.

Barb said...

Thanks Erin! There's nothing sweeter than a Dane, eh?

And thanks Fred! Yes, Doc does have some big ears... but he's sure grown into them!! I think that now he's about the same size as Buck even though he's not yet a year old. I've got a very good friend who has a 4 year old Dane who is very closely related to Doc and he is a BIG Dane. Beautiful, well balanced, and healthy (not to mention incredibly calm and sweet) but he's BIG. About 37", 170 lbs and very, very fit. I think Doc will be in that range when he's done.

Splash said...

Ah, that is cute. It's fun to see two dogs snuggle like that.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

ooo I like that pic. They look so content