Thursday, November 02, 2006

Home Again

Seems like we've been gone forever! Actually, we've just been gone to a few shows but that included the Great Dane National Specialty in Topeka, Kansas last month. Eight days of Great Danes!! It was wonderful but exhausting. We took four dogs - Kinsey and three of her pups (Topper, Teddy and Gus). A fourth pup - Keeper - was there with his owner. The logistics of traveling for over a week with that many giant breed dogs is mind boggling! We ended up taking two cars - we have a big van we use for dog shows and normally it has more than enough room, but we were taking so many crates and X-pens (exercise pens, which are collapsible wire fences that can be set up in many different ways) for the kids - not to mention food and luggage for Ronnie and I - that it wouldn't all fit! We discussed renting a U-haul trailer to tow behind the van to carry all the crates but the van doesn't have a hitch, and we figured by the time we got that put on and rented the trailer it would be cheaper for me to drive separately in my little Toyota wagon. So I took one dog and some stuff, and the other three dogs and all the other stuff went in the van with Ronnie. Fortunately it was "only" an eight hour drive for us!! More later...

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